We Hunt Together Season 3 Release Date And Spoilers

The series We Hunt Together is a series that will be sure to excite you if you love detecting and thrill series, so we recommend you give it a try.

Throughout the series, we’ll be able to see how two different people create a strange relationship and the consequences that result from it.


As the show’s second season, “We Hunt Together,” is ending, fans are already worrying about what will happen to the show moving forward.

Many fans have been eagerly anticipating the release date of season three after the success of the first two seasons. Thus in this article, we have discussed all the details about the series, including the We Hunt Together season release date.

We Hunt Together Season 3 Release Date

We Hunt Together Season 3 Release Date


It needs to be made clear when We Hunt Together Season 3 will be broadcast on television. It has been a massive hit for the last two seasons of We Hunt Together, so the fans have eagerly awaited and looked forward to the upcoming season 3.

This series is quite a popular one, and so far, it has enchanted a vast number of fans and has become one of the most popular series on television.

Taking into account the series’ success, there is a possibility of the series coming back for a third season. Well, now all we can do is wait for the makers to reveal any information about the series.


We Hunt Together Season 3 Cast

We Hunt Together Season 3 Cast

The cast of We Hunt Together season 3 has yet to be announced, so no information is available about it. However, in light of the storyline of the second season of We Hunt Together, it is expected that the cast of season 2 will appear in the third season of the series.

  • Babou Ceesay as DI Jackson Mendy 
  • Eve Myles as DS Lola Franks 
  • Hermione Corfield as Frederica “Freddy” Lane 
  • Dipo Ola as Babeni “Baba” Lenga 
  • Colin Morgan as Liam Gates – season 2 
  • Vicki Pepperdine as DSI Susan Smart 
  • Babirye Bukilwa as DC Dominique Parkes 
  • Steffan Rhodri as Larry 
  • Sharlene Whyte as Gill Mendy

We Hunt Together Season 3 Plot

We Hunt Together Season 3 Plot

As one of the most famous crime thrillers, We Hunt Together is one of the many shows viewers can enjoy. As a result of a twisted plot of a classic cat-and-mouse crime thriller, two detectives track down a pair of savage killers in this show which revolves around a convoluted story of a classic cat-and-mouse crime thriller.

There is no doubt that this series explores the addiction to power manipulation at its very core and the obsession with sexual attraction at its very core.

With Baba dead at the end of the first season of We Hunt Together, Freddy proves that she was a bystander to Baba’sBaba’s crime spree, in which she acted as a victim.

A decade after the events of season one, season two begins with Freddy searching for a new crime partner to quench the darkness that resides inside her as she looks for a way to satisfy her darkness.

Because things are still up in the air when it comes to Season 3 of this thriller, it is impossible to predict how things will progress from where the story left off last season. To get an additional update on the future story, we must rely on the show’s makers or producers.

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We Hunt Together Season 3 Trailer

The trailer for season 3 of the show is unavailable now. As we said above, the release date for season 3 has yet to be confirmed.

There is still too much time to get our hands on the season 3 trailer, although we can speculate that it will take some time before the trailer is released.

In the meantime, you can watch the trailer for the show’s second season, in addition to the trailer link for season 2 of the series we have mentioned below. Therefore, if you want to watch it, you can tap on the link we have provided below and watch it.

Where To Watch We Hunt Together Season 3?

It is a show exclusive to Showtime, which is why it is so popular. As a result, you can watch this episode for free if you already have an active Showtime membership.

Final World

In this article, we will be talking about We Hunt Together, a crime thriller series created by the show makers that have been penned very well.

In the past two seasons, the show has had a successful run, and it is expected that it will continue to do so in the future.