Alex Cooper Boyfriend, Net Worth, And Dating History In 2022

Alexandra Cooper is an American podcaster. She is famous for co-managing a podcast with Sofia. In extension, she conveys sex and relationship guidance to millions of listeners on her weekly podcast, Call Her Daddy.

Alexandra Cooper became well-known for co-hosting the “Call Her Daddy” podcast and radio broadcaster Sofia Franklyn. The podcast earned a cult on the Barstool Sports podcast web. The series debuted on Barstool’s network in 2018.


The podcast was quite famous for a time. Sofia quit the series in the middle of 2020 amid an agreement negotiation fallout between her, Alex, and Barstool.

Alex Cooper Boyfriend: Matt Kaplan

Cooper has been in a relationship with Matt Kaplan, a movie producer, since 2020. Despite consulting her love life on her podcast, the 26-year-old disclosed Mr. Sexy Zoom Man as her boyfriend’s character.

Cooper showed her associate the moniker after encountering him during an epidemic-based business development session. She encountered him at her house in Los Angeles, and the two lectured for a lengthy time.


The Pennsylvania resident’s podcast shows details regarding her relationship, suggesting that her boyfriend is more adult than her ex-boyfriend. He appreciates her job and her career choices, she said.

According to several online sources, Matt’s full name is Matthew Kaplan, a well-known film producer. Matt was married to Claire Holt, a film actress and entertainer.

Public sculptures with a big following can’t keep their private lives from being the topic of internet stories and curiosity.


Mr. Sexy Zoom Man, Cooper, and the team’s leftovers are no different. To calculate who the masked guy is, the internet society has squeezed for any morsels of data it can see.

Despite Cooper’s unwillingness to disclose the identity of her guy, she delivered sufficient data for internet investigators to work with. In a discussion, she disclosed that her boyfriend is a producer of movies.

On Instagram, she has even shared multiple photos of her boyfriend’s cute pet terrier, Henry.

Because of their acquaintance with his job and dog, fans could recognize the nickname’s actual name. They think “Mr. Sexy Zoom Man” is probably Matt Kaplan, the series producer.

Although you may not be acquainted with the character Matt Kaplan, you are nearly definitely acquainted with some of his work. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before is only one of the numerous projects he’s performed on as a producer.

Alex Cooper Boyfriend Matt Kaplan

Who Is Matt Kaplan?

Matt Kaplan is an American producer for growing young adult movies involving the To All the Boys series. He is the creator and CEO of Ace Entertainment and retired president of Awesomeness Films.

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Alex Cooper Dating History:

Cooper reveals dating multiple athletes, but Noah Syndergaard and Logan Paul are her most famous ex-boyfriends. Before becoming well-known, Cooper was in a relationship with Syndergaard, a New York baseball participant.

The couple started dating in April 2017 and enrolled in several gaming possibilities. Syndergaard proved their separation through a tweet that read, “Baseball is my important other.”

Their final public build was at a Knicks basketball tournament in December 2020, where Syndergaard proved their separation via a tweet that read, “Baseball is my important other.”

The podcasters have been honest regarding their split and connection with Syndergaard, whom she privately guides as “Slim Shady,” for many years.

Cooper had a fast connection with the well-recognized YouTube performer Paul and Syndergaard. The date the pair started dating is strange, but on April 8, 2021, the superstar host announced that she was dating Paul.

Alexandra revealed at the beginning of 2020 that she was with an ex-boyfriend but did not identify which one. Matt Kaplan is whispered to have an affair with Alex Cooper.

Alex Cooper Net Worth

Alex Cooper Net Worth

Alexandra Cooper is an American podcast character who has a net worth of $25 million. Alex Cooper initially became globally-recognized gratitude to the podcast “Call Her Daddy,” which she co-managed alongside Sofia Franklyn from 2018 to 2020.

After having a fallout, Sofia went the series. She premiered a recent podcast named “Sofia with an F.” Alex persisted with Call Her Daddy and, in June 2021, marked a three-year $60 million whole agreement with Spotify for the series.