Big Meech Girlfriend Sabrina Peterson, Arrest, Release And Net Worth In 2022

Demetrius Flenory, recognized as Big Meech, is an American drug agent, entrepreneur, and business guy. He earned the spotlight after being implicated in a narcotics trafficking and funds laundering community, the Black Mafia Family (BMF).

The direct revenue source reaches his unlawful businesses, such as trafficking narcotics and recreation labels. In 2005, when he and his bro were captured, the officer and research team took $21 million worth of money, jewelry, automobiles, and more than 10 homes he owned.


His drug mafia company, “Black Magic Family,” earned about $270 million at the height of its growth. The company engaged approximately 500 people.

Big Meech Girlfriend: Sabrina Peterson

It was whispered that Big Meech was wedded to Tonesa Welch but was debunked as a fraud after no public record of his wedding was seen.

Nonetheless, Sabrina Peterson reached out as the entire girlfriend and head of the Black Mafia clan, Big Meech.


Since in 2012, when Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory fitted the fourth year of his 30-year punishment at Lewisburg U.S. Penitentiary, his estranged girlfriend Sabrina Peterson sat down with to speak regarding Big Meech.

Unlike what has been stereotyped, the ex-girlfriend not just did not bad-mouth Big Meech, but she even resumed to honor and only applaud him.

Rejecting the misunderstanding on how the world catches him as cruel and cold-hearted, she stated Big Meech’s reason behind this entire thing was — he “only liked to see men run together, be a family, and everybody be on the same story money-wise. It ran all bad, but the initial intent was right.”


Sabrina’s relationship with him was not only romantic, but even a mentor-type of adhesion as Sabrina disclosed how she understood marketing, public associations, negotiating with people, and all.

Sabrina stated she had not spoken to him since December 2012 as Big Meech, who is in prison, just reached 300 minutes a month and gave out between a buzz to his son’s mum and his mother.

Just when Sabrina even showed that not speaking to Big Meech was characteristic of her probation. “For the three years I’m on probation, I can’t speak to him.”

Before that, they encountered and chatted as much as they could. Nonetheless, Sabrina could see what he was accomplishing via his daughter.

Via his daughter, she can speak to him about me, and I can see how he is accomplishing.

As of the moment of this one-on-one, The ex ‘glam’ girl was indicted for seven narcotic commissions unrelated to BMF. The charge was even after Big Meech. She was also condemned for fibbing to a national authority and, thus, her probation.

Word has it; she had hung herself to officers to perform a one-year bid for cutting and dicing a one-time friend.

Big Meech Girlfriend Sabrina Peterson

Who Is Sabrina Peterson?

Sabrina Peterson’s net worth is $2 million. She still understood what she ought to do to be a billionaire. Sabrina did a wonderful time in Federal Prison and came back home in Oct 2013 that day; she chose to begin her life fresh, from Level zero.

After a few years, Sabrina Peterson became GirlPower Holdings Umbrella’s CEO. She shows multiple organizations like Glam University and Online set up to guide and make females empower to comprehend how to handle a business. Also, she even runs companies such as Credit Gang, Pretty High, Gets Focused, and Girls for Girls.

She is a female entrepreneur who encourages other ladies to come along and learn how to operate a business.

Sabrina was convicted to 1 year of jail for shooting her babysitter. A few years After her departure, she becomes the CO-PRODUCER of the Girl-Power Holdings umbrella.

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Big Meech Net Worth

As of 2022, his YEARLY revenue is $2 million and more. The preliminary basis of his revenue comes via his unlawful businesses, such as trafficking narcotics. His narcotic mafia company, “Black Magic Family,” earned APPROXIMATELY $270 million at the height of its evolution.

Big Meech Net Worth

Big Meech Arrest

The Drug Enforcement Administration halted the brothers in 2005. Both claimed culpable for cash laundering and narcotic trafficking accounts and obtained a 30-year national jail sentence.

Detectives took $21 million worth of investments involving money, jewelry, more than 30 cars, and 13 houses in Detroit, Atlanta, and Los Angeles.

In 2010 newspaper editor Mara Shalhoup authored a textbook on the Black Mafia Family named “BMF: The Rise and Fall of Big Meech and the Black Mafia Family.” Big Meech reportedly assumed the title Big Herm while in jail.

Big Meech Release

The brothers were originally set for release in 2032. Terry Flenory was discharged in 2020 as a member of an action to prevent the reach of COVID-19.

In June 2021, a national justice diminished Meech’s ruling by three years for good conduct. He is now fixed for release in 2028.