Mason Greenwood Girlfriend, Career, Biography, And Net Worth In 2022

Mason Will John Greenwood is an English skilled footballer who recreates as an onward for Premier League club Manchester United.

Reaching via the childhood system, Greenwood achieved in a UEFA Europa League game against Astana in September 2019 to become the club’s most youthful ever goalscorer in a European contest at 17 years, 353 days.


His old global appearance for England arrived in September 2020, in a UEFA Nations League match against Iceland.

In January 2022, Greenwood was charged with fear of ravishing and attacking a woman and some days later on the apprehension of sexual assault and hazards to kill. Greenwood has not been acquainted with or occurred for his club or nationwide team since that date.

Mason Greenwood Girlfriend: Harriet Robson

Harriet and Greenwood split up before the allegation video became viral. Their estranged connection likely generated hurt-hearted Harriet to do the impossible act of discharging evidence of domestic abuse.


Based on the research and court case order results, Harriet Robson and Mason Greenwood may rekindle their connection and come back jointly, more powerful as a mature pair.

Greenwood is a child of 20 years who is a first criminal; if the illegal justice system were to fit justice with compassion, Mason Greenwood would have a double chance to fix his misdeeds and resume his profitable football profession.

If she loves Greenwood, Harriet Robson may choose to settle the case and dismiss Mason. The effects of these proceedings may visit the pair to unite again to the excitement of their households.


Mason Greenwood and Harriet Robson had been concurrently for a year; they started living together in 2020. Nevertheless, about a month back, these two started deleting pictures from their social media accounts that they had clicked together.

Mason Greenwood Girlfriend Harriet Robson

Who Is Harriet Robson?

Harriet Robson is a well-known British fashion representative, social media influencer, content developer, celeb partner, and entrepreneur from Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom. She is famously recognized in the nation as the ex-girlfriend of Mason Greenwood.

Harriet Robson is a fashion ideal and social media celebrity. She is even very well-known for her great online content. Let me inform you that Harriet has even sported for numerous well-known brands.

She even supports different fashion labels like Fashion Nove, Pretty Little Things, and others through social media. Harriet is likewise recognized as the ex-lover of footballer Mason Greenwood.

Let me tell you that she became a member of the media debate after showing that Greenwood physically attacked her.

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Mason Greenwood Career

Mason Greenwood entered the under-18 team for the 2017-18 season and ended as a top scorer. He was called the player of the season. Also, he earned his first appearance in 2018 as a member of the Manchester United Team.

He was even anointed the Premier League Player 2 of the month for April 2019. He has allowed the group to lead in multiple games, earning him one of the most profitable members of Manchester United.

Mason Greenwood Net Worth

Mason Greenwood Net Worth

Mason Greenwood is a remarkable football participant who has reached great peaks in his profession at a very young age. He has created a very worthy wealth from his profession in less time.

Greenwood began playing football in 2007 with the Manchester United youth crew. He knew football from Manchester youth school and became a very respected player. In 2018, he joined the senior crew. Mason Greenwood now has a net worth of $1.5 million.

Mason Greenwood began playing football at the period of six. His power was transformed into his career, which has enabled him to make a massive net worth.

He marked a €3,900,000 agreement with Manchester United, which is his primary source of wealth. He also supports many brands, allowing him to make great money.