Physical Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer & More

The 1980s-set comedy-drama ‘Physical’ on Apple TV+ focuses on a housewife who eventually rejects the monotony of her daily life. Sheila’s acerbic inner monologue and the ridiculous circumstances she puts herself into due to her hidden ambition to build a home video fitness empire generate most of the show’s comedy. 

Along the process, the self-deprecating lady also battles with a combative husband. He cannot let go of his “hippie” days and a debilitating eating condition that leaves them bankrupt.


The first season of Annie Weisman‘s darkly hilarious comedy has exposed spectators to many intriguing people and their complex, insecure personalities.

Success and devastation appear to go hand in hand for our leading heroine, as we last see Sheila embroiled in a controversy in the center of a shopping mall.

If you can’t wait to see how she pulls out of this situation and how far her innovative concept will lead her, we have some good news for you! Here is all we know about the second season of “Physical.”


Physical Season 2 Release Date

Physical Season 2 release date

The show was revived for a second season in August 2021, before the conclusion of its first season, which debuted on June 3, 2022.

Physical Season 2 Cast

Physical Season 2 cast


The cast of Physical season 2 is as follows:

  • Rose Byrne being Sheila Rubin
  • Paul Sparks in the role of John Breem
  • Lou Taylor Pucci in the role of Tyler
  • Rory Scovel will act as Danny Rubin
  • Geoffrey Arend being Jerry Goldman
  • Della Saba will act as Bunny Kazam
  • Ashley Liao, in the role of Simone
  • Dierdre Friel will perform as Greta Hauser

Physical Season 2 Storyline

Sheila’s aerobics video begins to acquire considerable popularity as Season 1 concludes. After a successful mall demonstration, she is approached by a television producer at the end of the story. 

Bunny and Tyler feel marginalized after a Times piece fails to mention them, giving exclusive credit to Sheila. Danny likewise experiences a shattering setback and reverts to his previous obnoxious behavior. 

In a fit of disgust following a particularly disgusting quarrel with her husband, Sheila walks to the mall, where she has an oddly personal conversation with John Breem. His wife has recently discovered she is pregnant.

Physical Season 2 Storyline

In the second season, Sheila struggles with her unexpected climb to fame. She has already begun to feel the demands of being a successful entrepreneur, what with her husband’s insecurity and her business colleagues’ harassment. 

Her money concerns may be a thing of the past, but she will certainly face new marital and social issues. The stress may also bring Sheila’s eating issue back with fury, which will have life-threatening consequences. 

Lastly, her illicit romance with John Breem, which is only just beginning to develop, has the potential to become a very intriguing dynamic in season 2.

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Physical Season 2 Trailer

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Where To Watch Physical Season 2?

Go and stream Physical season 2 on Apple TV+; the previous season is available on the same streaming platform.