Rebel Wilson Introduces Her Girlfriend To The Audience!

Rebel Wilson, whose actual name is Melanie Elizabeth Bownds, is a very famous actor, singer, songwriter, comedian, as well as a producer.

She is a successful actress who has attained immense popularity in her career, and she has been able to do this due to her dedication to her career, hard work, and hard times.


Recently, she has been on the top news because she revealed her true love and posted the news on her Instagram account on Thursday.

What Rebel Wilson Has Posted On Her Instagram?

During her candid Instagram post on Thursday, Rebel Wilson revealed that she has a new girlfriend, revealing some details about her love life.

There’s a funny thing about the caption of the photo of her and her girlfriend Ramona Agruma in which she wrote “I thought I was searching for a Disney Princess.”


She was asked to speak about her relationship with her girlfriend and mentioned she was very happy about it during an interview. According to her post, we can say that Rebel Wilson is very serious about her relationship with Ramona Agra.

According to TMZ, Ramona and Rebel were both seen walking together on Super Bowl Sunday in Los Angeles back in February, but it has not been revealed for how long they have been dating. The actress, 42, was in Senior Year, out on the big screen in 2013.

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Rebel Wilson’s girlfriend

As Ramona Agruma is the founder of the clothing brand Lemon Ve Limon, which is an important part of her activities, she has been active in the fashion industry for a long time. A sustainable clothing company based in Los Angeles, the brand presents itself as a company that helps people go places comfortably and stylishly.

Moreover, Ramona has also been promoting it as the brand ambassador for the watches and jewelry company Bee Goddess. There are many celebrities that have worn the fine jewelry made by this company, including Kate Winslet, by way of example.

In addition to keeping her Instagram profile private, Agruma has amassed a following of approximately 10,000 people. As a former creative director of DeLys, she founded the company and is responsible for the brand’s aesthetic vision.

This brand is known for its oversized gems and unique forms that celebrities are known to wear. Ramona is a very popular businesswoman and has achieved immense popularity in different fields of business.

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Timeline of Rebel Wilson’s relationship with Ramona Agruma

It is unclear when and where Rebel Wilson first met Ramona Agruma, though it is not known when and how they met. In a recent interview with a news outlet, Wilson explained that her new partner had been introduced to her via a friend.

Unfortunately, she did not divulge any information about the person she had taken up with. According to Wilson, having the feeling that you are in a healthy relationship with someone who feels like an equal partner is very important.

In the end, she also remarked that she probably put up with things she shouldn’t have with her exes and that being in a healthy relationship feels different from being in a bad one.

As we all know, Rebel dated Jacob Busch previously, but the two broke up just four months after their Instagram relationship became official in February 2021.

Towards the end of November 2021, she stated that putting a pause on dating was what she was doing, and she was looking for the right person to date.

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Final Words

As part of Agruma’s support for Wilson, he accompanied the actress to the Vanity Fair 2022 Oscars party in March and the Operation Smile Park City Ski Challenge event held in Utah in April.

In an interview, Rebel said that before meeting Agruma, the couple had talked over the phone for weeks. It is her firm belief that it was the best way for us to get to know one another better.

Today, Rebele and Ramona are happily dating each other. Looking at the pair, we can easily guess that the couple is very serious regarding their relationship status.

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