Rumors In The Wild Claims That Aaron Rodgers Girlfriend Is A Witch!

There are many notable achievements Aaron Rodgers has accomplished. The most well-known of these is his position as quarterback of the Green Bay Packers in the National Football League.

After his split with his ex-fiancée Shailene Woodley, Aaron Rodgers has been rumored to have a new girlfriend, called Blu of Earth, but this has yet to be confirmed by Rodgers.


As a result, rumors spread furiously that the mysterious Blu of Earth was also an identified witch and healer, as well as going by the name of Blu of Earth.

Blu The Rumored Girlfriend Of Aaron Rodgers clears she is not a witch

In an Instagram post, Blu clarified a couple of things. Several things need to be clarified first, Blu is simply her name, and “of Earth” simply refers to where it appears on her social media handle.

However, the more important thing she did was mock the notion that she was a witch, reiterating that she isn’t. Having cleared that up, it’s worth noting that Blu still appears to have quite an enigmatic presence to him even after all that has transpired.


Aaron Rodgers New Girlfriend

What Is The Profession Of Blu?

In addition to her podcast, she is the Founder of Fluorescence, a company she describes on her Instagram page as a “modern mystery school for women to rediscover the magical, radically authentic, wise, wild, unapologetic you”, in addition to having her own company as well.

According to her, she is a well-established woman. Besides this, Blu has achieved many things in her career that make her one of the best in the world. And leads a very stable life, and she has cleared all these things through her Instagram account.


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Shailene Woodley and Aaron Rodgers Broke Up

 A source close to Aaron Rodgers informed PEOPLE on Monday that the couple had ended their relationship. They also called off their upcoming wedding less than a month after sources said that Woodley and Rodgers could not agree on politics – and a year after they announced they were engaged.

“They are very different people with busy careers and they did not manage to overcome the obstacles that lay in their path. “Nonetheless, after their separation, none of the couple’s representatives made any comments about their relationship status.

So later, the couple broke up and decided to stop seeing each other. After their break up the couple decided to stay on friendly terms, as they don’t hold any grudges toward each other. 

According to a source, PEOPLE reported that on April 26, Rodgers and Lauren had once again called it quits despite Rodgers’ hopes of reconciliation.

She told the insider that Shailene Woodley felt that everything was being arranged on Aaron’s terms and that she was not happy. And later she realized that there is no point of reconciliation.

Shailene Woodley and Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodger Has Not Confirmed The News

Aaron Rodger has a new woman in his life named Blu as we have mentioned above. The source told SideAction that a so-called medicine woman is “into psychedelic drugs,” at least according to her. Her name is Blu of Earth, and she refers to herself as such, and one can see as she goes by her Instagram name. She also mentioned that Charlotte Brereton, the name that she was given at birth, has been changed to Blu of Earth.

Blu is believed to have a new relationship with Aaron Rodgers, according to the media outlet that released the picture. Rodgers has not yet officially confirmed or denied any of these new reports about his love life, nor has he remotely acknowledged them.

It is certain, though, that Blu must have some truth in what she says if she takes to her social media pages and gives the facts. However, Roger has been on the news top list because of his breakup with Sharlene.

Now he is again in the top news form days, because of the rumor that he has been dating a girl named Blu. But as we said that there is no further information available, and Roger has also not confirmed anything. Therefore it’s quite hard to give any conclusion.