Things You Should Know About Joe Burrow Girlfriend!

The player known as Joseph Burrow plays the position of a quarterback in the field of American football. It is one of the five professional American football leagues based in the United States. As of now, he plays for the Cincinnati Bengals, his current team.

As a result of this, he was selected as the first overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft by the Cincinnati Bengals. At Ohio State University Joe Burrow was a student when he spent his first year as a college football player. A year later, he attended Louisiana State University from where he played for the Tigers in the fall of 2018.


Who Is Joe Burrow Girlfriend?

It has been reported that the young quarterback has been dating Olivia Holzmacher. The beautiful Olivia was born and raised in Mason, Ohio, and is an American citizen by nationality as well as by heritage.

During their time studying at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, Joe Burrow  and Olivia met and became friends. In their college days, when the couple was still dating, they always kept things low-key. They had no doubt at that time that it would become a relationship when Burrow graduated from Louisiana State University in 2018. There was no suspicion in their minds that they would run into each other during his studies.

Joe Burrow and Olivia Holzmacher


How Long are Joe Burrow and Olivia Holzmacher dating?

The cuties celebrated their one-year anniversary together exactly one year after they became the first couple ever to post a cute picture on Olivia’s Instagram page in August 2017 of them together at Ohio Stadium. Joe Burrow is also popular in social media like Instagram and Twitter.

Well, we can say that the couple has been dating each other for over six years, and they are still counting. The caption of the photo she posted of herself with Joe, “Three hundred sixty-five days to go.”.

In spite of the fact that Burrow transferred to LSU in 2017, several of those years were spent apart; their relationship didn’t seem to suffer from the distance, based on their photos taken together.


Besides wearing her man’s clothes, it is not rare to see her cheering him on from the stands while wearing her man’s gear. Her participation in the Pandemic Games was made possible by the presence of a cutout of herself, so she could attend them even if she wasn’t there herself.

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Olivia Holzmacher Has a Bengals Good Luck Charm

Her boyfriend’s face has been painted on a “good luck coozie” that Holzmacher has previously revealed via her Instagram account. Holzmacher often documents her game days via Instagram, whether she’s at her college game at Ohio State or her Bengals’ home game or away game.

As a senior process specialist and analyst at Kroger, a grocery chain with a branch in Cincinnati, he works for a retail company that operates supermarkets.

Joe Burrow Girlfriend

Joe Burrow Heisman Trophy Win was Celebrated by Her

As announced by Heisman Trophy officials, Burrow won the 2019 Heisman Trophy, while quarterback Justin Fields, defensive end Jalen Hurts, and safety Chase Young finished second and third, respectively.

It was said that Burrow transferred from Ohio State in 2018 to LSU, a place he had called home since he was a child. Holzmacher — whose name has been linked to Burrow since 2017 — announced the pair’s victory on social media by posting a cute mirror selfie, writing, “The best weekend ever.”

Joe Burrow Gameplay

Under Burrow’s direction, the Bengals ended their 31-year playoff win drought in January 2022, marking the first postseason victory for Cincinnati in 31 years. Holzmacher was present for numerous games during the team’s playoff run, including the team’s last-second victory over the Raiders in the Wild Card round.

Olivia has always supported Joe since the day they started dating each other. However, we can say that both of them are lucky to have each additional support and love.