Is Kevin Kreider Dating Kim Lee? All The Important Updates

Kreider was born in the United States on August 21, 1983, under the name Kim Jong-soo, with the year and month of his birth being 1983. Leaving his native Germany, Kreider was adopted by a German/Irish family in Philadelphia when he was just three.

He was humiliated as the only “Asian guy” in the group. As a method of boosting his self-esteem and confidence, he spent most of his life attempting to change the way he looked.


At one point in an interview, Kevin Kreider was asked about his self-confidence and identity as an Asian man. Kreider admitted that how Asian men are perceived as masculine has stumped him.

Few television series have it all as far as drama, luxurious lifestyles, and mega-mansions are concerned. There have been plenty of juicy drama between Kevin Kreider and Kim Lee in season 2, but it is their scandal-filled relationship that keeps us coming back for more.

Whom Kevin Kreider is Dating Currently

Kevin Kreider Dating


“Bling Empire” is a comedy series in which Kevin Kreider and Kim Lee explore their relationship during its second season. In the first season of the show, Kreider accompanied Lee on a road trip with the intention of finding her biological father. This was the first time the two had come into contact.

The two characters’ connection deepens as Season Two hits theatres on May 13 – but tensions also rise as they find their relationship moving into a chronic on-and-off pattern.

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During one of the episodes, Lee is seen standing Kreider up while they are dating. After a weekend trip to an ostrich farm and a heart-to-heart around a campfire, the two are about to take a weekend getaway together.

And the next week, it’s rumor-mongering that makes them stop being together. Kreider and Lee spoke to TODAY ahead of the season’s premiere, and Kreider and Lee provided some updates about their relationship – including if it is still going strong.

What do you think? Are Kim Lee and Kevin Kreider still together?

Kevin Kreider Dating

Well, as per the reports, currently, Kim Lee and Kevin Kreider are not dating. They’re actually thousands of miles away. In a recent interview, Kevin said that he is in New York and Kim is in Los Angles.

It was reported that Kreider and Lee were “still in contact” after filming and that they were still close friends. “We really tried to check up on each other first and see how we were feeling physically and mentally,” Kreider said.

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There are still raw feelings over that lie detector test

Kevin Kreider Dating

When they were dating, Lee forced Kreider to submit to a lie detector test at one point in their relationship. Kreider felt uncomfortable with the process, even though it was designed to mitigate Lee’s trust issues.

In addition, Anna Shay has equally skepticism: “Why are you taking a test for a girl that’s not even yours?” There are uncomfortable truths revealed by the lie detector test.

According to Kreider, his claim that he had feelings for Lee and that he didn’t see anyone else was true. The truth is, Lee does not want to be in a relationship with Kreider – and that was the truth she told the reporter. It was said that she also told a lie when she said she did not have feelings for her ex-boyfriend.

Final Word

Kevin began by saying that they were “still close,” adding that Kim has moved to Los Angeles and he is now in New York, which sounds a lot like they are breaking up.

“After it was over, there was a lot of checking in between each other to see how the other was doing physically, emotionally, and mentally… We all needed a break and a break from each other after the filming was completed. The audience is likely to have the same reaction as we had, as we didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.”

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